WP Rocket Review – Is It Really the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

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Here is a brief and useful review of WP Rocket to determine if it is truly the best WordPress Caching Plugin.

WP Rocket Overview

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin. Its main objective is to increase the loading speed of WordPress websites with little effort. Website performance is extremely important as it directly influences not just user-experience, but Google rankings & conversion rates.

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Businesses need to ensure that the website loads quickly. When it is about caching plugins, WP Rocket is a popular option. Though it is widely known as a caching plugin, it offers a lot more. There are several performance optimizations features which are available along with caching. Presently, it is used on more than 1 million websites.


  • Effective in reducing page load times by 50%
  • Dashboard area well designed
  • Includes performance optimization features
  • Simple set-up for beginners
  • Simple to use, especially when compared to W3 Total Cache


  • It comes for a price. It is not free

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WP Rocket Features

According to experts’ reviews, WP Rocket has rated as one of the best caching plugins available. Also, they promise to offer everything you need to reach 7th Heaven. The best thing is you can install and configure WP Rocket in less than 3 minutes.

Quick Setup

It takes just a few minutes to setup. No technical skills needed nor is the process complex. It is easy to install and activate WP Rocket.

Page Caching

A site cache stores the contents of the selected page as the user visits the page for the first time. On the next visit, the site quickly recalls the stored content. Thus, the site loads quicker than the first time.

Browser Caching

The browser stores the static files. As the visitor revisits, the static files do not have to load again. As a result, you get a faster website.

Database Optimization

WP Rocket allows the users to clean the database with the objective of reducing its size. The cleaning schedule can be configured or done manually whenever needed. Trashed posts, trashed comments, spam, auto drafts, and deleted revisions can be removed. However, this should be done with caution since once deleted it cannot be reversed.


Images can slow down the loading process. As a solution, Lazyload feature is available. Images will load only when the visitor scrolls down and they will not load at once.


Through this process, the weight of JavaScript, HTML files and CSS can be reduced. You get a faster website.

eCommerce Compatibility

This plugin is completely compatible with other e-commerce plugins like WP-Shop, Easy Digital Download, iThemes Exchanges, and Jigoshop.

Multilingual Compatibility

The plugin is compatible with different translation plugins like WPML, Polylang and qTranslate.

Pricing Plans

WP Rocket offer three pricing plans as mentioned below:

  • WP Rocket Single ($49 per year)
  • WP Rocket Plus ($99 per year)
  • WP Rocket Infinite ($249 per year)

WP Rocket Single

This is the cheapest plan they offer. WP Rocket Single plans start at $49. This is for a single site license.

  • Price – $49
  • Number of websites supported – 1
  • Years of support & Updates – 1 Year

WP Rocket single is a perfect choice for bloggers who maintain a single site.

WP Rocket Plus

WP Rocket Single plans start at $99. You can install WP Rocket for 3 sites using this plan.

  • Price – $99
  • Number of websites supported – 3
  • Years of support & Updates – 1 Year

This is a perfect choice for bloggers, eCommerce and freelancers who maintain no more than three sites.

WP Rocket Infinite

If you’re a developer who maintains more than 3 sites, this is the best plan to go. With WP Rocket Infinite, you can empower unlimited sites.

  • Price – $249
  • Number of websites supported – Unlimited
  • Years of support & Updates – 1 Year

WP Rocket infinite is best for developers who maintain more than three sites.

In case the user is not happy, there is also a 14-day refund policy.

WP Rocket Renewal Coupon

If the user desires to receive updates/renewals after a year, 30% off is available on renewals.

Speed up your website

Our Verdict: Most Powerful Caching Plugin

WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin available.

It is effective in increasing the website loading speed of a website. Users need to just activate WP Rocket on their website and they will be able to see faster loading time. It comes with video guides and other documentation which can assist in improving the loading speed of the website.

No matter what kind of website you are managing, WP Rocket will certainly load it faster. It is worth the investment! We hope this WP Rocket review will help you to speed up your websites.

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  2. Good review on wp rocket which highly I recommend too for all bloggers. I have been using this plugin almost one year which is good when compare with others previously I have used w3 total cache which that also good if you want to choose for free.

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  5. Great post – I’ve been comparing various caching WP plugins (there are so many!) and this has convinced me that WP Rocket is the one for me. Thanks!

  6. If you’re looking to dominate traffic and sales then speed is key, a one-second delay reduces page views by 11%, it decreases customer satisfaction by 16%, resulting in a 7% reduction in conversion rates. This seems quite easy to setup also, could be worth the investment, time will tell, thanks for sharing though.

  7. Great Article. There are programs and plugins out there that do all the filtering for you so these don’t ever get on your site. I personally use Akismet, it is a free wordpress plugin and so far has only let 1 spam comment actually come through. The best way to handle spam comments is to put a positive spin on it and take them. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. For larger sites, this WordPress plugin could certainly make a big difference in load times, meaning better search rankings. Thanks for sharing this in-depth review!

  10. Thanks for the review! I’ve been using W3 Total Cache, but it definitely has a learning curve. WP Rocket looks a lot more straight forward if you want a simple caching plugin.

  11. I’m currently using Nitro pack but the paid plan price is quite on the high side. I’m considering moving to WP Rocket and this review has definitely convinced me. Thank you so much.

  12. Really nice article.
    I use this plugin but I am unable to lower the load time for my e-commerce shop is more than 3 seconds.
    My site is not big. It only has 5 products.
    Is there anything else that you would like to recommend me to try?
    Any insight or help on this will be greatly appreciated.

    The name of my store is: Fertilace

  13. Hello there, I read many positive comments and articles about WProcket, but I have a hard time understanding how it works. Do you have other alternatives or suggestions for new people?

  14. Thank you I was looking for a plugin to optimize my new wordpress site and the one I installed did not convince me.


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