Supermetrics Review: Great For Marketers? Let’s Find Out!

Are you looking for Supermetrics review? Your search ends here! Here is a in-depth and unbiased review of Supermetrics to determine if it is truly the easiest way to manage your marketing data.

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Supermetrics Overview

Do you find it challenging to gather data from different platforms and make a comparison to know how they perform? You would likely answer “yes” if you are in the online marketing industry. It is common to have some difficulties in interpreting data and doing visualization.

Online marketers often deal with volumes of data from various platforms. What is worse is that there are times that these data are too hard to compare or interpret.

This can be a problem since making business reports gets more complicated. Moreover, it becomes harder to compare the amount of work you do to the results you have.

10 to 30 hours is the estimated time online marketers spend on making reports. This is a lot of time which could have been spent on other more interesting and crucial aspects of the business.

Supermetrics could save a lot of online marketers from this. Since it has been launched as a Google Sheets add-on, Supermetrics has been the go-to platform for interpreting data and resolving visualization problems. Online marketers would not need to spend many hours analyzing and preparing spreadsheets from Google Analytics. That is because Supermetrics is a powerful tool in business analytics. It can bring all the needed metrics in one place, which makes data analysis easy.

Put simply; many Supermetrics reviews say that it focuses more on analysis and less on making reports. Continue reading to understand more and see whether this tool is great for marketers.


  • Move your data to any destination
  • Easy to use
  • Offer solutions for SMBs, eCommerce, agencies, and enterprises.
  • Can Access on Mac, Windows, Web based, cloud, SAAS
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Pricing starts from $39 per month
  • Supermetrics 14-day free trial. No credit card required.


  • No Android version (but you can access via Google Chrome)
  • Some reports are complex

Why Is Supermetrics Worth the Try?

As a marketer, it is a tiresome and time-consuming task to collate information from various sources and analyze them to create graphs and reports. Now, you can check how Supermetrics can deal with this everyday problem for marketers. Here are some of its interesting features:

Integrating Multi-Channel Reports and Major Marketing Platforms

You can integrate Supermetrics to over 40 platforms. Some of the favorite marketing platforms are Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Insights, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and Twitter.

Therefore, this tool can help online marketers to extract marketing data from various platforms in one view. As a result, they can analyze more quickly. Aside from different platforms, it can extract data from various accounts that are linked to the same platform. This is useful when making comparisons for different clients that utilize the same platform. It is also great when the client has several accounts in different locations, and they want the metrics for these locations to be tracked for progress.

Therefore, what was usually done for hours can be completed in a few minutes with Supermetrics.

Not Needing to Manually Import, Copy, and Paste CSV Files

Time is money. This is especially true for online marketers, so it can be a waste of time to log into different platforms and gather data needed to make reports for the client regularly. It can be more time-consuming when there is an expansion to new platforms.

Supermetrics can help online marketers by making this process quicker and convenient because of its versatile sidebar. It will be a jiffy to collect metrics from several sites. This is possible because you just need to input some needed information. Then, Supermetrics will do the data collection. Not only can you save time but also present quality reports.

The tool also helps prepare quality presentations by minimizing maintenance and giving optimum observation.

Save Time on PPC Reports

Because there are more marketing and client-based platforms, reporting of data and visualization problems has become increasingly time-consuming and difficult. The process of data integration from various advertising platforms in the same spreadsheet, updating these on a daily basis, and making a comparison is laborious.

Supermetrics comes to the rescue with its Google Sheets Add-On and Google Data Studio Integration features. These can help you create the same report from the data analysis, comparison, and charts. All the data from the PPC is included. As a result, all the data can be compared with ease, and the performance of each platform can be analyzed conveniently.

Daily Expenses Tracking

You understand how hard it can be to track the everyday expenses for each client’s advertisement if you are in the online advertising industry. This needs to be done properly to ensure good ROI.

In using Supermetrics, after it gets all the data from a spreadsheet, you can utilize data validation. This will help you make drop-down menus and navigate easily on each client’s advertising expenses. Then, you can easily check if this is close to the allotted everyday expenses.

Automation of Dashboards for Better Tracking

You can have your alerts and dashboard automated when you notice that the performance goes lower than what you expected. This is to make sure that you get ample ROI from every client. Client satisfaction is more guaranteed when human errors are prevented. Aside from performance alerts, you can also set alerts for your budget and other metrics.

For instance, you can set your alert once the bounce rate becomes lower than the set limit. This can help you determine the cause early on and deal with it as soon as possible.

Supermetrics Pricing Overview

Supermetrics pricing plans start at $39 per month. They offer different types of plans.

  • Supermetric for Data Studio – starts from $39/month
  • Supermetric for Google sheets – starts from $99/month
  • Supermetric for Excel – starts from $99/month

Try Supermetrics for free

Supermetrics offers a free trial. Get full access to Supermetrics with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.


To end, Supemetrics is indeed a data visualization tool that is versatile for online marketers. It can provide their needs by making the process of data analysis simple. Because of automation, it can save a lot of time.

Nevertheless, before deciding to use this, you have to keep in mind your overall skill in utilizing spreadsheets. There could be times wherein the data extracted is from the incorrect column, but this can be solved easily by choosing the proper column and refreshing the task. Therefore, you have to be attentive and do data analysis once the information makes sense.

There are minor drawbacks, but the advantages of using the tool compensate for these. Aside from being flexible, it also updates frequently. Therefore, it gives businesses opportunities to grow well.

If you are interested, you can check the Supermetrics pricing or start with a free trial first to get the platform’s feel.

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