5 Underrated Ways to Find PAID Freelance Writing Jobs in 2021

Whether you’re an experienced freelance writer or a new author without any experience, freelance writing jobs that pay are still numerous in 2021– if:

You understand where to look …

You understand just how to promote yourself …

And you recognize exactly how to differentiate on your own from your fellow freelancers.

That’s where we come in.

If you’re a copywriter, blogger, or any kind of type of freelance writer who intends to make a full time or part-time income doing what you enjoy, this definitive, A-to-Z overview will certainly aid you do simply that.

Allow’s dive in.

1. Develop a Writing Portfolio That Kicks Butt

” Do you have writing samples?” “Can I see some of your freelance writing job?” “What are some top quality write-ups you’ve written?”

As a freelance writer, you’ll listen to questions like these frequently.

And also your answer?

Below’s a link to my writing portfolio.

At least, that need to be your response. But sadly, numerous consultants skip the entire “confirm you actually know exactly how to write” point.

As Scott Weiland once sang, “allow the evidence be in the pudding, sugar.”

Don’t merely inform prospective customers that you’re a remarkable freelance content writer. And do not assume they already know you’re the cat’s meow as well as the bee’s knees.

Program them. Social media is a great place to advertise your portfolio.

2. Supercharge Your Writing Skills

Unless you want to spend your freelance writing occupation slumming with on-line material mills with entry-level task advertisements that pay peanuts, you require to level up your content creation abilities.

Since those high-paying freelance writer jobs you lay awake dreaming around? Business do not hand them to just anybody.

They provide to the very best authors– content makers that:

Recognize the significance of SEO (seo) and also can develop SEO web content with both visitors and Google in mind;

Understand the value of proofreading and also sending error-free work;

Write quickly, fulfill deadlines for their writing projects, and also are apparently unsusceptible to author’s block;

Craft outstanding headlines, compose with clarity, and support their factors with examples;

Have superior interaction abilities;

Can get in touch with readers on an emotional level.

The good news?

With effort, anyone can enhance their writing skills. As well as for minority who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do it, the payback can be substantial.

This website is filled with practical how-to short articles on copywriting, material writing, writing contests, content advertising and marketing, post writing, web hosting, Link building and also SEO. And if you need training, we have that too.

Also, try to start a portfolio site using a theme like Sahifa.

3. Ask for Testimonials

Have you currently landed a writing job or 2? Remarkable.

Did you ask the client to give you a testimony? A few words declaring their undying love and/or complete satisfaction with your job (that you can utilize to aid you land extra writing customers)?

No? Well, you’re not the only one.

The majority of authors who do freelance job, either as a result of lack of knowledge or concern, don’t request testimonials. Our very own Jon Morrow says he’s only had a tiny handful of writers throughout the years ask him for a testimonial– despite the fact that he would certainly’ve been completely delighted to provide one to them.

So just how should you ask for one? Maintain it basic.

Right here’s just how Karen MacKenzie requested a testimony after we published her first post on Smart Blogger. Cloudways is a great hosting choice for bloggers.

” Would it be possible to obtain an endorsement for my site? I understand you are actually active, however I ‘d truly appreciate it.”

As well as due to the fact that Karen did such an excellent work on her article, I mored than happy to provide her the following endorsement:

Karen supplies everything I try to find in a freelance writer: Her job is excellent, she finishes promptly (if not ahead of routine), and her focus to information is terrific. I enjoyed working with her a lot that, as soon as her first article was finished, I asked her if she would certainly like to write for us once again. I gladly recommend her.

Want an excellent testimony like Karen’s?

Produce testimonial-worthy material for your customers and afterwards– this is essential– ask for a freakin’ testimony.

4. Learn How to Craft a Killer Author Bio

Image it:

A rich local business owner sitting in a Herman Miller chair on top of a rug constructed out of recycled Herman Miller chairs is reading a write-up you’ve composed.

She’s satisfied. She contacts us to her butler, Jeeves, as well as asks him to bring one of her travel suitcases filled with money.

Your article is so excellent, she wants to hire you.

Yet then she gets to your byline– the one you threw together in the nick of time. The one that notes your pastimes as well as has no clear contact us to action.

If you do not want this completely realistic situation to happen to you, you need to obtain truly good at writing writer bios.


Because someone who’s made it to your author bio is primed. They’ve review your work as well as want to find out about the attractive, intelligent individual who composed it.

Maybe they wish to take a look at your site web content. Perhaps they want to locate you on social media so they can follow you.

Or perhaps they desire your get in touch with info so they can hire you.

A byline needs to yell to the globe your experience. It ought to state to prospective customers, “if you thought this short article was terrific, you must employ me and also see what I can do for you.”

Making the effort to craft an excellent one is time well spent.

5. Learn the Legal Side of Freelancing

Among the big, terrifying unknowns when you’re working online is exactly how to take care of the “legal side” of points.

Should you have an agreement with your client? Exactly how do you send invoices? What about tax obligations?

The legalities can appear so scary as well as overwhelming that lots of freelance writers choose to stick their heads in the sand as well as neglect them– or, even worse, give up on their freelancing desires rather than have to take care of any of it.

If you’re a freelance writer or any kind of sort of self-employed professional, it’s a resource you’ll intend to bookmark.

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